About Us

My name is Sarah and me and my bernese mountain dogs live in Liverpool, Merseyside. I first fell in-love with the breed when I saw one outside of school as a girl. I got my first bernese, Joey, in 2017 and have been totally besotted with the breed ever since.  I train and compete my bernese in various dog sports including obedience, rally and obreedience where we have enjoyed much success including being selected for the 2020 Crufts Northern inter-regional rally team (and we won).

We breed for temperament, health, longevity and to type, aiming to produce fit, strong bernese capable of work. My foundation bitch is from Graysenber and we at Joelay mirror their ethics when it comes to breeding.
All of our dogs are Kennel Club registered. We test for;

-Hips & Elbows (BVA)
-DM Exon 1&2
-Histiocytic Sarcoma

Our Dogs live in the house, and are raised and brought up around my young daughter. We attend training classes and have many friends from Leonbergers to tiny Toy poodles.

Our puppies will be raised to Puppy Culture with great thought and detail put into  into socialisation and environmental exposure along with lots of love!